WSHS Collection Overview

The Washington State Historical Society collects material associated with the human history of Washington State. Our mission is to preserve our history and tell the stories of our state and its people. The collections include many different kinds of artifacts, among them are tools, clothing, machines, furniture, artwork, toys, household items, and American Indian artifacts. We also hold an extensive archival collection of photographs, manuscripts, maps, ephemera, and publications.

Our collections are diverse. You can examine a map of the North Pacific in the 17th century, a Yakama woman's basketry cap, a suffragette's yellow sash reading "Votes for Women," a painting by Gustav Sohon of the 1855 treaty council at Walla Walla, a photograph of a Makah whale hunt, a pioneer woman's pinafore, an 1892 broadside reading "The Chinese Must Go!, " a large flaked point from the East Wenatchee Clovis site, and Governor Isaac Stevens sword and epaulets. All of these things and many more fascinating artifacts are available for viewing in these online collections.